Match Report
September 18th was a beauty! Nineteen shooters attended our monthly match where the stages were challenging and fun. There were three new shooters and lots of helpful coaches.

Our next monthly match will be on Sunday October 16th. It will be our first one-day annual event called "Ranger Roundup". Please click on the Signup link and register for the match. Your singing up will be helpful for our meal count and guarantee you a slot if our numbers reach a cap of 40. The match fee is still only $10.00!
Hope to see you in October.

We will start sign-up at 9:00 am and shooter's meeting at 9:30 am.  There is a mechanical gate at the entrance to the range and a gate-keeper to let you in. Please try to be on time. If there is no-one at the gate you will find someone at the first range just on the other side of the gate and we will let you in. 

You can count on six stages of blazing cowboy fun. Match fee is $10.00.

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1st Annual Ghost Rider Ranger Roundup
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1st Annual Ghost Rider Ranger Roundup
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1st Annual Ghost Rider Ranger Roundup