Match Report
May 17th was a success! We created a new shooter area flow that ensured all participants follow safe social distancing practices (Per State Guidelines). The RO and Shooter utilized facial coverings... and everyone had a great time! 

Until otherwise notified, please bring a scarf or bandana (or other mask) that will cover your face during shooting. Facial covering will be optional during the venue except for RO's. You may opt to wear a modern face covering such as a medical mask in lieu of the scarf. 

Important - You must Sign Up in advance so that we can limit the competitors to 30. This is a precautionary measure so that we do not exceed a safe number of participants. If you are planning to attend, please click the adjacent Blue Circle to be linked to the sign up genius. Once there, follow the easy steps to get signed up. 

We will start sign-up at 9:00 am and shooter's meeting at 9:30 am.  There is a mechanical gate at the entrance to the range and a gate-keeper to let you in. Please try to be on time. If there is no-one at the gate you will find someone at the first range just on the other side of the gate and we will let you in. 

You can count on six stages of blazing cowboy fun. Match fee is $10.00.

Cascade Ghost Riders
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